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When Ryu III was a child, you couldn't fight back the smile of contentment when he took the apple out of his pocket and looked up at you with eyes bright with delight; you couldn't resist the temptation to hold him on your lap and smack him on the cheeks when he braved his trials to protect his loved ones; and you couldn't help but feel your heart ache whenever tear drops formed in his sky-blue eyes.

Ryu III grew up; time empowered his body and matured his understanding. Now he stands before you--a man with the figure of a warrior and the soul of a poet. Despite his parentless childhood, and despite the brutal way in which he was ripped apart from Rei and Teepo and thrown into the tumultuous cycle of destiny, he somehow emerged pure and unjaded.

Brush away the soft blue hair that playfully frames about his face and look into his bewitchingly blue eyes, you will find in them exquisite peace and tranquility. Beneath those eyes so expressive with emotions, you can witness his determination in his gentle yet pale lips.

If you happen to catch him alone, he might blush innocently and read you a poem of his own creation. And if you happen to catch his heart...

Young Ryu by Shima Ryu by Shima

These two beautiful Ryu III artworks here are done by Shima. Please visit Shima's SPADE on Web.

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