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June 25, 2001

As promised, the Sakon section is up!! Now, let me explain something here. See, the reason why I started learning how to do web pages in the first place was so that I could make a Sakon shrine of sorts. Well, that was two and half years ago. So now, finally, I have done it. The reason why this site is here at all is validated now. I am definitely going to take a break from html for a while now and turn my free time and attention to the writing projects that have been on my mind.

June 9, 2001

Ever since the last update, I have been steadily working on the Altar and uploading the pages as I get done with them. The following sections are now open: Shu, Hiko x Kenshin, and Zechs Merquise. The Sakon section will be the next one to go up. I just simply have to do it. The thought will haunt me until the day I get it done. After that, I will take a break and go back to writing. Oh yes, please sign the guest book. ^_^

May 31, 2001

Yup, I have completely reorganized the place again, to go along with the new index page. Pretty much everything is still here, just in different places. Basically, I have decided to add a section for my future drawings and scribbles; all the writings are now under Nocturne; all the character pages are under Altar; oh yes, the message board is gone, no one was using it. =P So just look around to get reacquainted. I think this layout is less confusing than the one before. This is all for this update I am afraid. I have been indulging in Gundam Wing and Rurouni Kenshin. ^_^ Don’t worry (not that anyone was worrying), I will start writing some more now that summer is here, between my summer classes. ^_^;

April 13, 2001

It’s Friday the 13th, but it’s not April Fools’ Day, so you can believe it when I tell you that I have a fanfic update! Yes, I have finished and uploaded the third chapter of A Rose for Vincent!! It took me a year between chapter 1 and 2 and four months between 2 and 3, hey, I am picking up my pace. :P I have actually started visualizing chapter 4 in my head already, so expect it some time soon, if I can get around my finals to write it. I had a very special feeling with me when I wrote this newest chapter, so I hope you will enjoy reading it!

Other than that, I just made minor format changes to this place. Oh, I wanted to remind everyone that there is a message board! So, if you are inclined to use it, please do!

December 30, 2000

It has been 2 months already! *gasp* I have been working on the site, but unfortunately I don't have any writing to put up. I had planned to finish chapter 3 of Rose before I leave on my trip, but that plan won't be realized now. I have started on chapter 3 however. Since this chapter goes back to Vincent's childhood, I really didn't want to rush it. So… I will keep working on it. After I finish with chapter 3, I will work on the Shu fanfic, hehe…

There are two new places for you to look at for now. First, I have finally decided to get a message board and open up the "Rhapsody" section. The place is all set to go. I will eventually use it to post information and detailed discussions regarding the fanfics and writings found here. If interested, please visit and participate! Second, I finished the index page of "Nocturne." So now the "n" section of "rain" is open. No actual stories or writings are there yet, but please feel free to take a peek at "Nocturne" if you would like.

Finally, from 01/02/2001 to 01/27/2001, I will be gone, away in China! This is a trip that I should have taken many years ago; I haven't gone back for almost 10 years now! That's nearly a decade!! Needless to say, there won't be any updates until I get back. I think this will be an inspiring trip!

I know the updates are slow, but I hope and try to make them worth some of the wait when they do come, and please bear with me! Thank you! ^_^

October 28, 2000

The finished version of A Rose for Vincent chapter 2 has been uploaded. This chapter became very difficult to write for some reason… I hope someone would enjoy it though. =P The good news is I have finished with a detailed timeline and chapter layout of the whole story (there will be 20 chapters in total); however, I feel very tempted to write a short story with Shu (from Suikoden II) as the main character. We will see…

Non-writing related news, I have obtained a redirection URL. Please feel free to use it. I think I have finally settled in here at Tripod and shouldn't be moving any time soon. So how many people did I throw off the track? ^^ Finally, the message board for SVVW has moved from ITW to Voy.

October 13, 2000

This is going to have to be quick, as I am running late! I uploaded chapter 2 of A Rose for Vincent, but it is not finished. I just had to upload it because it was suppose to be ready for Vincent's birthday! Well, I will finish the chapter soon enough. Also, I moved the site again. -_- My apologies for the confusion. Crosswinds added pop-ups. If I have to deal with pop-ups, then I might as well go with a host with better, more reliable service and faster connection. I will finish the chapter very soon and write a more complete update. *hurries off*

October 2, 2000

Welcome to *fire*rain*, what used to be the Sable Sanctuary. Sable Sanctuary is no more because it stylistically did not please me anymore. After almost a year and half of just letting the website sit there and collect cyber dust, I have finally mustered up enough inspiration to revamp the whole place, and hence *fire*rain*. If you are an old visitor of Sable Sanctuary, you will notice that much of the contents on Vincent and Ryu III remain the same, but most of the pages got a face-lift, sort of speaking. I have significantly reduced the amount of rambling from before. My goal for *fire*rain* is to keep it focused on my writings. With Sable Sanctuary, I kept getting distracted with expanding the site that I lost my true motivation, and that's to write more. It's been a year and half, my life has changed dramatically, so it is only fitting that the birth of *fire*rain* has replaced Sable Sanctuary.

I have spent the past four days reorganizing, editing, moving, and revamping this website, and I think it is finally finished! Everything should be in order, and if they are not, please be kind enough to inform me? ^^ A note of apology to Internet Explorer users: I could not get the Java Script on the main index page to work with IE. It works with Netscape perfectly, so that when you place your mouse on the links, it will give you the descriptions in the windows status bar; however, with IE, I believe it only displays the URLs? In any case, my apology to IE users for the confusion in navigating this site. I will hopefully get that problem worked out… If any of you reading this can help me out with this coding issue, PLEASE do! ^^

I kept the last update entry from Sable Sanctuary below, for nostalgic reasons and to remind me of what it was like…

June 11, 1999

I am back home for now, for 12 more days, then I will be going to Canada for a week and half. So, here are the updates, four more Vincent fanarts, one by Hoshi, the other three by Celyne! ^_^ They are on the second page of the Vincent scrapbook.

Now I have a bit of a notice thing. Well, I have come to the conclusion that I simply do not have the time and resources to keep up on this site like I previously thought. No, I am not quitting this site, but any future updates will be slow and they will come whenever I can find the time. Sorry for not keeping my schedule as I promised, but recently I have had to invest a lot into my personal life, and I plan to get a job after I get back from Canada, so…doesn't leave much time for much else… I hope I will get everything cleared up soon…