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FAQ and Disclaimers

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  • *fire*rain* is a non-profit, fan-based, personal website.

  • If you would like to link to *fire*rain*, please feel free to link to my main page, but do not link to my sub-pages. Thank you!

  • I have made sure to credit all the talented people that have contributed their creations to this site. If you want to use any of these contributions, please ask for permission from the artists themselves. If you are not sure how to contact the artists, or if you have any questions about borrowing material from my site, you can always e-mail me.

  • All of the graphics on *fire*rain* that are specific to this site are made by me, so please don't steal them.

  • Graphics such as backgrounds, bars, and bullets are not made by me.

  • The animé/manga/game characters, stories, original (official) images, graphics, and etc. are copyright their respective owners. All lyrics and quotes used on this site belong to their respective authors/owners.

  • It is entirely possible that I may have made a mistake, forgotten to mention someone's name or given the credit and acknowledgement he/she deserves, etc. Before you get mad at me, please e-mail me and let me know what the problem is, and I will rectify the problem/mistake.

  • If I have forgotten to mention anything here, please let me know! I would appreciate your feedback!