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z . e . c . h . s

Zechs Merquise: the beautiful loner, the solitary warrior, the incredibly sexy and complicated man of intrigue and chaos. Ok, all truth be said, Zechs really isnít so much alone, as Noin has always been and will always be there for him. Speaking of Lucrezia Noin, I have the uttermost respect for her, her love for Zechs, as well as her relationship with Zechs: to love without clinging; to devote without losing sight of her own self. Possibly a highly ideal love that may not be possible or applicable in real life, but certainly an inspirational perfection to aspire to.

Back to Zechs Merquise, or should I say Miliardo Peacecraft: the Lightning Baron, an Oz soldier, ambassador of the Sanc Kingdom, a prince, leader of the White Fang, Preventer Wind. The man is definitely complex. ^_^; Any attempt on my part to analyze his inner psyche would turn into a wordy essay. So, I will simply say that when stripped to the core, Zechs is a warrior. For him, the answers and meanings he seeks lie within the battlefield.

And in the battlefield is where we get to witness the true glory of the Lightning Baron. Zechs is an exceptionally skilled fighter, and in my opinion, the supreme mobile suit pilot of them all. More than his combat abilities, Zechs is also ingenious. The man is the first one to recognize the full potential of the Zero System and to utilize it for mass strategic purposes. And Epyon is truly the ultimate Gundam for the ultimate pilot.

Zechs and Noin

a gentle expression

the mask breaks

beautiful and glorious

drinking alone

Despite what others may think of Zechs' decisions and actions while in command of the White Fang, I was behind him all the way. Call me insane as you may, while I agree that there are other ways to get to the same point, I see the beauty in the path that Zechs had chosen; as stated by Noin, the man was ready to die for the sin of purging humanity. Zechsí last lines in the series were just magnificent, and true to his words, he will live to the bitter end, and he will live the hard life of a warrior. There you have it, Zechs Merquise.

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