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This is where I feature my favorite Vincent artworks. There is also a fair share of my ramble. ^^

Here are some of my thoughts on Vincent:

Vincent is a dark and mysterious presence. Always partially concealed behind his scarlet cloak, his posture is stern and upright, yet elegant and graceful; his slender but well-toned body forms a very aesthetically pleasing outline. His long, luxurious black hair is usually in a state of slight disorder, carelessly draping over the red bandana he wears around his head and beautifully framing his pale face. His facial features are delicate and exquisite, as if gingerly chiseled out of ivory under a pair of loving, expert hands. And like an ivory sculpture, his flawless face is expressionless; not even his brilliant, crimson eyes betray a shred of emotion. His right hand is usually busy holding a gun, and in the place of his left arm is a rather ominous looking claw, which contributes to his overall demonic effect. Despite his emotionless appearance, Vincent is not unfeeling. In fact, he possesses great passion and is rather obsessive in nature. Vincent's inner psyche is an intricate paradox; he is cold, ruthless, and slightly demonic, yet at the same time, he is fragile, gentle, and passionate.

Some Vincent related sites:
  • Silence ~ Vincent Valentine Webring: My pride and joy! ^^ It's an active Vincent Valentine webring with its own message board.

  • Dead Triangle: Queen Vera has put together an impressive collection of Vincent fanfics and fan artworks.

  • Vincent: Lonely Nightmares: Tons of gorgeous Vincent manga scans. Be warned however, although the pictures there don't really show much, they were all scanned from various yaoi doujinshi.

  • Beginning of a Nightmare: Eregil, my Silence Elf Knight's site. This site has a lot to do with Vincent in the actual FF7 game (i.e. how to get him, how to play him, etc.), including general FF7 information. Ohhh, and more fanfics! ^^

  • All creative works belong to their respective creators. Final Fantasy VII Square Co., Ltd.

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