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v . o . i . c . e

The voice is an inseparable part of the man, and the seiyuu behind this inseparable part of Sakon-sama is Inoue Kazuhiko, who is, needless to say, one of my favorite seiyuu. I have here an excerpt from the drama track titled Eternity Chapter. For more information on the drama track, please visit the Yotoden section. This excerpt is a conversation between Sakon and Ayame; actually, more precisely, it is a conversation between Sakonís spirit and Ayame, and therefore, Sakonís voice is kind of tweaked to give that ethereal effect. The file is in mp3 format; file size: 2.25 MB. To hear Sakon-samaís voice, please click on the link below to download the file.

Voice Sample

*fire*rain* || Altar || Hayate no Sakon