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Fanart Scans

Below are two adorable fanarts from Japan that Bishonen no Miko had scanned from New Video Magazine, taken, of course, from Sakon no Mikoís Yotoden Hall.

Nice to see Sakon-sama so happy for a change. Laundry day for Sakon-sama. ^o^

Another two marvelous fanarts drawn by and © Fumika-san. The banner below will lead you to Yayoi-sanís website where these came from. A note of caution, please do NOT reproduce these images in any shape or form without Fumika-sanís permission.

The man and his mask. May Rain

Use the banner below to visit Mori Ikuís gallery, where you can find an eye full of Yotoden artworks that are simply breathtaking. Please remember that Iku-san is a professional manga-ka and therefore all the artworks are strictly copyrighted material, so please do NOT reproduce the images in any shape or form unless you have permission before hand.

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